Showers of Golden Sours

banger_sours02-WEBAt the end of January, Banger Brewing celebrated its three-year anniversary and commemorated the day with a debut of their first sour. Golden Sours, aptly named as the barrel-aged pale ale was introduced around the same time the unverified story involving our actual, in-real-life, not-a-joke president and some Russian prostitutka pee appeared on BuzzFeed and inspired some award-worthy memes.

Just like that unfortunate visual, Golden Sours (5.5% ABV) leaves a tart tastes in your mouth, except in a palatable, pleasant way with the added bonus of a buzz. The brew was aged in chardonnay and cabernet wine barrels for eight months, creating prominent dry, wine flavors with little foam. (The barrels used to make Golden Sours are now aging their Dry County Belgian quad to make a new beer for next year’s anniversary and are on display in the taproom.)

If you prefer something less acidic with more texture, try the Fiddy/Fiddy made with equal parts Golden Sours and Banger’s Turtle Head Peak IPA.


And if you want some nosh with your suds, mobile food cart LV Food Junky found a home base on the Banger patio. Grab some bacon popcorn popped in bacon grease or go for the traditional BLT with chipotle mayo. All the bites on the small menu go well with a cold one.

Banger bottled 500 Golden Sours and five one-sixth barrel kegs for the taproom. You can purchase a 750 ml bottle of Golden Sours for $25 or 10-ounce snifter for $11. Get ‘em while you can.

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