"Curiosity" by Keara Hughes

Young Artists Display New Works at Therapy

American gastropub Therapy is embracing the Downtown and art union opening up its doors—and walls—to Las Vegas Academy art students Keara Hughes and Bryan Damasco by giving them a space to exhibit their work for their final senior project.

An artist herself, general manager Maria Horta has collaborated with the artist community in the past, such as displaying sculptures by Joseph Jilbert in front of the restaurant. When she was approached by Hughes, who was assigned to search out spaces to exhibit her work as part of her final project, Horta’s response was, “Absolutely!”

Artwork by Bryan Damasco

Artwork by Bryan Damasco

The students prepared for the show as they would any other exhibit—designing flyers, advertising and creating new works to display. Hughes and Damasco will showcase 10 of their best pieces on opening night, February 10 at 6 p.m. The students are graded on the quality of work, how the art is presented, installed, setup and torn down, along with attendance and participation. Their artwork will remain on display for two weeks, allowing patrons the opportunity to peruse or purchase pieces.

But this is not the only time you’ll get to see young artists’ creations. Horta has extended the opportunity to all LVA students and will have a new work on display every month at the restaurant.

Celebrate fresh talent on February 10  at 6 p.m. with complimentary food and beverage for attendees. The restaurant will remain open for regular dining from 11 a.m. to midnight.

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