Monkeys and Mannequins

Blue, green, orange, pink, yellow naked ladies racing up the light poles appeared a few weeks ago at the Llama parking lot across from Atomic Liquors. Blue and orange are neck and neck. “We’re trying to make the parking lots not boring,” says Michael Stoll, who oversees Downtown Project’s parking lots.

Stoll says he doesn’t remember who came up with the idea. They ordered the mannequins off Amazon, painted them and attached them to the poles with zip ties. They purposely staggered them to make them look like they’re competing to the top, like a carnival water gun race. The first one appeared about six months ago on East Fremont on the old Travelers Motel sign.


Photo by Zoneil Maharaj

They’ve decorated the parking lots in other ways, too, by wrapping the meters in themed-wraps—llamas on the Llama Lot meter, the mantis on the Container Park’s meter—painted inspirational quotes on the Llama Lot that unfortunately got washed away after Life is Beautiful, and added a couple monkeys that we featured our latest Photo Hunt contest at the Gold Spike and Container Park lots. Stoll says they are considering making the parking space lines glow in the dark but are looking for paint that works with the street lights.

Stoll says they want parking to be a “friendlier experience.” A simple goal accomplished by clever ideas.

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