Photo: Shade Tree

Don a Cape for Shade Tree’s Hero Walk

As March ushers in the first hints of warmer weather, hit the outdoors with Shade Tree’s second annual 5K Hero Walk on March 11. Here are five reasons to get involved.

Caped crusaders look better in groups. Last year’s Hero Walk saw a potpourri of comic book characters but it wasn’t without its unconventional heroes. Attendees donned costumes ranging from Bernie Sanders and beauty queens to the ultimate hero, their moms. Remember: super is better.

Fighting crime is cool. A majority of Shade Tree’s visitors are women and children who’ve experienced some variant of abuse. All proceeds raised from the Hero Walk filters back into the shelter to help women and their families rebuild their lives along with the hope of preventing future violence. Shade Tree’s Emergency Shelter program grants women access to its facility for showers, meals and beds 24 hours-a-day. And its Transitional Shelter program assists with financial planning, job placement and housing assistance, among other services.

You’re also a hero in Fido’s eyes. In a bad situation, it’s a no-brainer to think about yourself or your kids, but what about your animals? It’s not uncommon for an abuser to target a victim’s pet. In some cases, this threat may keep a victim with her abuser. Leaving then becomes more difficult because not all shelters accept animals. That’s where Noah’s Animal House comes in. The boarding facility doubles as a pet sanctuary for Shade Tree residents’ furry friends.

A scenic 5K. When’s the last time you toured the neighborhood surrounding Fremont and Ninth streets? The 3-mile walk takes supporters through the Downtown area, which includes historic homes that have undergone renovation to become office buildings such as law practices. The walk is about an hour, so be sure to slow down and enjoy vintage Vegas and its quaint views.  

The post-walk shindig. Following the 5K, refuel with food, participate in a raffle, visit some vendor booths, and relax with on-stage music from DJ Technicolor and hip-hop heads Maxwell Fresh and Jay R. Beatbox. There’s also a BMX performance by pro rider and reality TV star Ricardo Laguna. While you’re out there, snap a few selfies with your cape-sporting friends. All in a day’s work, heroes. 

Shade Tree Hero Walk

152 N. 9th St. (Begins at the Llama Lot), Mar. 11. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m., race at 10 a.m. Tickets $20 for adults, $10 for children 12 and under.

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