Raw Femme Celebrates Women Artists of Every Kind

As the Downtown arts scene continues to grow, a new platform is shining a light on women artists.

“I was sick of seeing women in the arts take the back seat,” says Amanda Lozano, aka Rawky. “In galleries, 70 percent of work being shown is by male artists. The feminist inside me wanted to give women a place to share their work. I wanted to give them a voice.”

Lozano’s inspiration turned into ideas and ideas into Raw Femme, a platform celebrating women artists of every medium. It welcomes painters, photographers, illustrators, writers, fashion designers, actresses, sculptors and much more— from musicians to beauticians.

It’s beginning to grow like wildfire. It’s empowering to come together and grow together.—Rawky Lozano, Raw Femme founder

In 2011, Lozano began to form Raw Femme as an online publication and iTunes podcast. “I compiled a list of up-and-coming lady artists or bands, talked about their bios and shared a song. Literally just me, in my closet, with a clip-on microphone recording on GarageBand.”

Raw Femme now has an online directory, Femme Mob. The directory features hundreds of artists of every form.

“I’ve had a mailbox full of inquiries from women who want to be featured on the website or in upcoming events. It’s beginning to grow like wildfire. It’s empowering to come together and grow together.”

In July, Raw Femme first appeared Downtown with Femme Friday, an artist showcase in collaboration with First Friday.“It was perfect for a starting point for Raw Femme. I was proud,” Lozano says.  Since then Lozano has thrown two other events, a benefit for breast cancer and a woman entrepreneur workshop, and she continues to produce more.

On Saturday, Raw Femme teams up with local music festival Neon Reverb to host a woman-heavy lineup, including bands Candy Warpop and Sunrise Manor, at the Inside Style warehouse on Main Street.RawFemme_WEB

The creators of Neon Reverb Mike Henry and James Woodbridge released a joint statement about the collaboration. “We are excited that she (Lozano) is working with us to help us promote and support the importance women have in the music world. In general, there are more men than women working as touring musicians, so festival lineups tend to reflect that reality. Neon Reverb values community and equality, and we do our best to curate great shows representing diverse perspectives.”

For long-term goals, Lozano plans to continue to produce events locally and—hopefully globally—partnering online with like-minded organizations and wants to represent women artists as an agent one day.

“I have a lot of goals for Raw Femme,” she says. “But ultimately, I know I never want the focus to steer away from the pure mission: simply to celebrate women who are looking for a place to shine.”

For more information about Raw Femme, including upcoming events, interviews with up-and-coming artists and inquiries, visit rawfemme.com.

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