A Look Back at RuPaul Laying Down Some Fabulous Truth

Whether teaching the art of the sashay or instilling the confidence to own the night, RuPaul Charles has been a cultural mainstay since the drag icon’s pop hit “Supermodel (You Better Work)” in 1993. Now with Charles’ hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race in the heat of its ninth season, we take a look back at the 2016 Emmy award-winning host’s talk at last year’s Life Is Beautiful festival.

Beyond the pulsating sounds of the stages, the flavors of the culinary villages and the original artwork sprinkled throughout the festival grounds lives Life Is Beautiful’s Ideas Series. Over the last four years, some of the brightest minds and artists have been a part of the platform, sharing their experiences and insights to living a conscious life. In this ongoing series, we highlight those speakers and how they continue to transcend their fields. 

Vegas Seven