PopDocs Sparks Conversation

One of the best ways to simultaneously feel good and bad about yourself and/or the planet is to watch a great documentary. Luckily, for those masochists with a particular love of knowledge, there’s PopDocs. The event is a monthly viewing series where attendees gather to watch and discuss social, political and environmental documentaries.

The event was started by Nikiya Berry, a native Las Vegan, as a way to unite the community and spur conversation. “PopDocs brings us together around important issues once a month, exposes you to new things, and provides an interesting discussion that gives us fuel to spread awareness to our personal lives and our community,” she says.

There have been 13 documentary viewings so far including GMO OMG, The Human Experiment, 13th, and Before the Flood. The location varies by month, but admission is free and all ideas are welcome.

For upcoming locations and times, follow PopDocs on Facebook and Instagram @popdocs.

Vegas Seven