Get Freaky with CupcakKe

herself with her dirty, dirty lyrics.

If you are looking to get freaky, pop into Downtown’s Beauty Bar April 24 for Chicago’s CupcakKe (a.k.a. Elizabeth Eden Harris). It has been awhile since a no-holds-barred, nasty-flowing woman appeared in hip-hop, but CupcakKe fits the bill. She released her latest mixtape Queen Elizabitch late March. Take a listen and you’ll quickly learn her beats are dope and she’s a twisted lyrical master. She is also a censor’s nightmare. With songs titled “Deep Throat,” “Doggy Style,”  “Juicy Coochie,” and “Cumshot,” obviously, she isn’t getting commercial radio play.

CupcakKe’s making a name for herself with her raunchy lyrics and entertaining social media accounts. “I decided to book her because she’s radically different from what’s going on in mainstream hip-hop and she’s absolutely fearless and aggressive in a time where artists are playing it safe,” says Beauty Bar booker Patrick Pulsar. Some artists stay underground forever. Some artists start off underground and eventually become mainstream. It’s only a matter of time before a well-known artist/producer puts her on a crossover track. Until then, CupcakKe is making her own rules as she goes along.

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