Comfort Food With a Twist

Egg salad sandwich. Photo by Cierra Pedro

Egg salad sandwich. Photo by Cierra Pedro

Take a bite of nostalgia with The Goodwich’s rendition of the classic egg salad sandwich. “It’s so simple but delicious,” Joshua Clark, owner and chef, says. Made with a touch of curry, pickled onions and crispy chorizo, it’ll take you back to the good ol’ days while giving you an appreciation of modern improvements with every mouthful. “It’s a sandwich that so many people can relate to,” Clark says. Familiar foods reimagined for the adventurous palate are showing up on many Las Vegas menus, including at Cheffini’s, where you can get a hot dog with a fried quail egg, or at Evel Pie, where rattlesnake sausage is a pizza topping. This is comfort cuisine that only gets better with time. (900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 120,

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