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5 Reasons to Mosh at JAMFest This Weekend

Las Vegas is and has always been a transient city. People from all over the world come to indulge in the desert’s many luxurious—and risky—amenities. With such a high dependency on revenue from the city’s monumental events and tourist attractions, it’s easy for the locals to become lost in translation. Local promotion company Jam Nation has been on a mission to change that. For the past two years, Jam Nation has listened to the local crowd’s wants and needs, resulting in highly successful shows with underground hip-hop staples like Pouya, Rich The Kid, OG Maco and more, as well as giving buzzing local rappers a shot to open for these national artists.

On Saturday, May 13, the company will culminate its success with its first annual JAMFest Art Festival & Block Party in the Arts District. Here are five reasons why you and your friends don’t want to miss this one.

The Lineup

Have you seen this lineup?! JAMFest pulled out the red carpet for some of Soundcloud’s top dogs of the moment, including Maxo Kream, Xavier Wulf—which, wow—and, of course, everybody’s favorite sport’s sorcerer, Lil’ B. That’s not even mentioning the all-star list of locals like The Black Bag Brothers, Kiari The Stone and more who will be donning the stage this weekend. If Life is Beautiful has the mainstream crowd, JAMFest definitely secured the underground.

The Ticket Price

As mentioned before, the lineup is bananas, but nothing compared to the ticket price. To see more than 20 artists perform, the bill is only $30 in advance. With Life is Beautiful selling out of its weekend passes—and the day passes not far behind—JAMFest could be a saving grace for locals looking to get their festival fix. To put it in perspective, Xavier Wulf’s tour stop in Phoenix—without the rest of the JAMFest bill—is going for $40 a ticket.

The Age Limit

“Las Vegas is not for children” is a statement that’s heard far too often outside the confines of Circus Circus, and Jam Nation must feel the same way. While most music events in Sin City have at least an 18+ age limit, JAMFest will be open to all ages. If seeing a 10-year-old kid, a grandmother and a swagged out hypebeast vibe out in unison to “Wonton Soup” isn’t worth $30, then what is?


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The Atmosphere

Downtown Las Vegas is one of the most beautiful and underappreciated neighborhoods in the country. Every year, Life Is Beautiful turns the world’s attention to Fremont East, a place that locals are far too familiar with. JAMFest will look to do the same, but for the less touristy Arts District, turning it into a full-on block party complete with food trucks, art exhibits and, of course, musical performances. Jam Nation is notoriously known around Vegas as throwing the most energetic shows in the city, complete with mosh pits, stage dives and full-on crowd participation. Meshing Jam Nation’s punk rock attitude with the artsy Downtown scene, there’s no better place to have a festival in Las Vegas.

The Culture

JAMFest is put on by locals, for locals. The festival will without a doubt be a celebration of Las Vegas culture that highlights our buzzing music scene, among the many other aspects of our creative culture. “The events are a great place to come meet people with similar interest,” says Zach Hammond, co-founder of Jam Nation. “It’s a great way to escape from the everyday hustle of the Las Vegas lifestyle.” And did we mention The Based God would be performing? We are not worthy. Get your tickets now, here.

Jam Nation Presents JAMFest

6 Coolidge Avenue in the Arts District, May 13, 2-9pm., $20-60,

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