Pictured from left: Tig Notaro, Beth Stelling, Corinne Fisher, Sam Jay, Sabrina Jalees, Liza Treyger

Laughs To Lobby For

If you want to hear what’s really going on in the world, comedians—whose only partisanship lies in a well-told joke—should be your first stop. And if the last few months have you worried about the state of our Constitution, then the Nasty Women showcase at the Crapshoot Comedy Festival might be a good way to get woke.

The event, which benefits the American Civil Liberties Union, is hosted by Beth Stelling and features Tig Notaro, along with Corinne Fisher, Sam Jay, Sabrina Jalees and Liza Treyger. The festival sought to collaborate with nonprofits and reached out to the Nevada chapter of the ACLU because, well, we all should be vigilant of protecting our First Amendment rights.

“We have seen protesters’ rights violated, and journalists arrested under the Trump administration. This is unacceptable in a democracy,” says Tod Story, executive director of ACLU of Nevada. “People must stand up and make their voices heard in order for the First Amendment to have any meaning. Each of us must be willing to speak out and demand that our elected officials and government, first and foremost, honor and uphold the Constitution. Free speech and our right to vote are the responsibility and power we wield as citizens in order to hold elected officials to account for the ideals we want our government to represent.”

The headlining acts of Nasty Women have a lot to say, and are not afraid to speak their minds. Join them for an evening of laughs, because we all need a break from the anxiety of the next presidential tweet.

Note: Crapshoot Comedy Festival attendees can donate to the ACLU when purchasing tickets and passes.

Nasty Women at Crapshoot Comedy Festival

May 20, 8:30 p.m., $35, Fremont Country Club, 601 E. Fremont St., crapshootcomedyfestival.com.

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