The Calm Before the Beautiful Storm

“Every year, a few days before the festival, the sign for the main stage arrives, and I get this overwhelming excitement. It’s hard to explain this feeling, but just imagine spending a whole year building a giant firework, setting it up to launch, then bringing the flame up to the wick. It’s an awesome calm before the storm. Then, when you finally light the wick, it shoots up and you get this amazing three day explosion!” –Adam Christopher Smith, production coordinator

It’s life experiences that we use to write our narratives. From a trip abroad to a day volunteering for a heartfelt cause, these are the moments that define us. And what better way to reflect on these times than by capturing them through photography. In this ongoing series, we ask staff photographers, attendees and everyone in between to share a favorite image  from the Life Is Beautiful festival and how that instance impacted their own story.

Vegas Seven