Tig Notaro at the Del Monte Speakeasy in Los Angeles, 2013. Photo by Mandee Johnson/www.mandeejohnson.com. Source: Flickr.

Seven Hilarious Moments From the Crapshoot Comedy Festival

The Crapshoot Comedy Festival brought three nights of laughs to Downtown Las Vegas. From May 18-20, veteran comics such as Dave Attell and Tig Notaro and up-and-comers like Beth Stelling and Fahim Anwar hit venues across Fremont East. We got in on the action Saturday night, and even managed to scribble some notes in between our hysterical laughter.

1. “Did you bring your own beer?”

During the Guys We Fucked Experience, a live take on the popular podcast at the Zappos Chambers, hosts/comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher held a speed therapy session with members of the audience. One gentleman—wearing a cowboy hat—walked up carrying a Bud Light tallboy. That wasn’t his biggest problem, though: the poor guy said he couldn’t keep up with his wife’s sexual appetite. Their prescribed solution? Try wearing the cowboy hat to bed. “Does this make you want to fuck him any less?” the hostesses asked.

2. “A finger in your butt? That’s the big fantasy? I’ll do that on stage right now.”

During a The Dating Game bit with randoms from the crowd at the Guys We Fucked Experience, participants were asked to guess what their partner’s sexual fantasy might be. Dan thought his wife wanted to put her finger where the sun don’t shine (this was a theme, as another contestant thought his wife’s fantasy was to “peg” him). Dan was close, though. The correct answer via his wife: “I want to lick his butt.” We learned way too much about the strangers in the room.

3. “I’ve got more than three ounces of liquid on me now.”

Beth Stelling, who hosted the Nasty Women showcase at the Fremont Country Club, revealed that she has a little too much fun at airports, especially during the security pat-down.

4. “The Midwest is just as racist as the South, but without the personality. It’s all hate and violence but no sweet tea.”

Comedian Joel Kim Booster—a gay Korean adoptee raised in the Midwest—tackled just about every subject associated with his identity, including jokes about homosexuality and Asian stereotypes, at his Brains at the Beauty Bar set.

5. “Ferrets are the stretch limos of rats.”

Aparna Nancherla showcased her dry wit, delivering one-liners and quirky observations during Brains at the Beauty Bar.

6. “My grandparents literally met at a concentration camp, and I’m like, ‘Tinder is the worst!’”

Liza Treyger opened up about her dating life during the Nasty Women showcase, which included a segment on hooking up while on her Birthright trip to the Holocaust Museum: “You’re staring at pictures of your people dying, and then there’s six million dead Jews on  your tits.”

7. “What is this … ?”

At the end of Tig Notaro’s short first set (she returned at 1 a.m. to close out the event), a woman in the crowd threw her underwear on stage. Confused and slightly disgusted, Tig tried to kick it off stage … but it landed on someone else in the audience.

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