Local artist Vanecia Xulee reaching to the crowd at open mic night.

Sticks and Stones’ Open Mic Night Offers a Unique Space for Local Talent

The common phrase is semi-true, sticks and stones may break your bones, but if you’ve ever been to an open mic night, you understand that words can and will hurt you. If you haven’t, I suggest you try out the homegrown Sticks and Stones.

Sticks and Stones is a 21-and-over forum for poets, storytellers and musicians to express the literal or metaphorical sticks and stones in their lives, and for people like me to shed a single tear in the back while no one is looking.

The collective began in September of 2016 and has since been a valuable platform for artists and art appreciators. It prides itself on being by the community for the community.

Ashe Vernon speaking out at Sticks and Stones.

“We founded Sticks and Stones with the intent of providing a safe space for artists to be themselves and share their passion, and also as a platform to promote, fundraise and celebrate the various underground and underrated talent in Las Vegas,” cofounders Zia Metric and Ash DelGrego said in a statement.

If you’re not local, don’t be shy. Sticks and Stones has featured a few out-of-towners at their events. Recently featured was 23-year-old author, poet and playwright Ashe Vernon from Austin, Texas.

Currently, you can catch them every first and third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at ReBAR, a hybrid bar/antique shop on Main Street.

For more information to sign up for an upcoming event, visit them on Facebook, @SticksandStonesLV on Instagram or @stcksandstnslv on Twitter.

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