Chicago Joe’s Is the Way to Go

Joseph Watson

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Name: Joseph Watson

In Las Vegas since: 2004

Occupation: Artist and owner of the Joseph Watson Collection in the Arts Factory


Hidden gem: Chicago Joe’s

There’s nothing quite like finding a hidden gem in the city that can serve up pure deliciousness. Two words: Chicago Joe’s. This place is legit!

Located on Fourth Street north of Charleston, near the Arts District, Chicago Joe’s ( is an intimate Italian restaurant with flawless service. My wife Tamara and I love the chicken parmigiana. Seating is so close in the renovated home that you feel like you are practically at a family dinner with a room full of strangers. The music and candlelit vibe create nothing but good memories. The way that the waiters pack your leftovers by spinning the aluminum container is entertaining, too.

We are definitely counting the days until our next visit. Chicago Joe’s is the way to go!

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