Photo by Tom Donoghue

Buy Me Some Dollar Beer and Cracker Jacks

A night at a 51s game is sure to be a grand slam

It’s not often that you attend a sports game with an alien as a mascot. It’s not like I Googled “sports teams with alien mascots” or anything but, hypothetically speaking, nothing came back.

The 51s are Las Vegas’ third professional baseball franchise, following the Wranglers and the Pirates. If it’s not obvious yet, the name and mascot of the team is inspired by the infamous and highly classified Area 51, located just 83 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

Our beloved aliens play at Cashman Field, which opened in 1983 making it the third-oldest stadium in the Triple-A baseball. In 2005 when the city celebrated it’s 100th birthday, the Cashman Center hosted a centennial party where visitors could grab a piece of a record-breaking, 130,000-pound birthday cake. The stadium was also the inspiration for the fictional Las Venturas Bandits Stadium in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Now, if you’re not much for history, aliens or video games, there’s still fun to be had, and that fun comes in the form of food, beer and fireworks. Thursdays—my personal favorite—feature dollar Budweisers until the seventh inning. Mondays, or Value Menu Mondays, offer dollar hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, pretzels and Cracker Jacks. And every Friday after the game there is a fireworks show.

There is typical stadium seating, and on either side of the outfield there is a grassy area that is open unless closed for a special event. This area is perfect for families that need to let the little ones run around, or just for people that would rather watch a baseball game laying down on a blanket. Your call.

It’s hard to not feel at home when surrounded by friends or family at a baseball game. Home games at Cashman Field have something to offer fans of all types, making it a practical option for those looking for a different way to spend their nights. Check the 51s website for promotions and scheduling and to purchase tickets.

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