New Co-living Space Offers Rent Subsidies for Artists and Entrepreneurs

The 211

Living in a Downtown area typically means paying more for rent than you would in the suburbs. As a way to make life more affordable for artists and entrepreneurs, a co-living space at the 211 Apartments called D-Well is accepting applications for subsidized rent. Residents will live in the private, fully-furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom micro-units for $700 a month with a $200 monthly subsidy ($500 total).

The idea for D-Well was born in Seoul, South Korea as part of the Communitas Project, a collaboration between HG Initiative and Root Impact. The community has attracted over 500 changemakers in Seoul. The Las Vegas D-Well project at the 211 marks the expansion of Communitas Project in the U.S.

Applications are available on their website. Twenty applicants will be chosen for the year-long residency. Notifications of admission or rejection will be sent a week after a committee reviews a particular applicant and holds personal interviews to determine the right fit.  

“At D-Well, two of the most important values we strive for are diversity and inclusiveness.,” says community manager Alison Yanez-McKay.  “… We would like the process to be as organic a possible. We are looking to build an [environment] where everyone has a say and everyone is involved in forming this community.”


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