Splurge at Sqonder

Ever wondered where your parents’ old sports jerseys ended up? Or what about that concert tee you regret not buying when you went to see *NSYNC when they performed at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in 2002?  Chances are a handful of these items may have ended up at Sqonder, a boutique specializing in vintage apparel.  

Sqonder owner Trey Duhaney, 29, opened the store in the Arts District in March with the idea of providing something new to the Vegas fashion scene. Duhaney and his girlfriend Wendy Quintanilla, who co-owns the shop, have a specific way of hunting down these vintage gems.

“In order to get our items, we have a buy, sell or trade process,” Duhaney says. “We also travel to Los Angeles to find pieces and visit local yard sales, flea markets and the swap meet.”

The rise of vintage fashion has gained a new level of popularity since celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Halsey and even the Biebs have incorporated vintage pieces into their everyday wardrobes. These celebrities attract a certain crowd—the type that shop at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 and post pictures on social media pretending to be models. Once the trend began to rise, these stores sold merchandise that reflected the vintage look, making it easier for consumers to buy. No backstory, no authenticity. Just a piece of clothing that resembles something your mother wore in the ‘90s. But at Sqonder, every item is a legit piece of wearable memorabilia.

Duhaney keeps an eye out on the ever-changing fashion trends, but stays true to what he loves, ensuring that every piece is authentic. He wants to provide a sense of culture within his store, he says.

The goal of Sqonder is to provide buyers with items they can’t find at the mall. Instead of shopping at Urban Outfitters for a copycat version of a band or sports tee, Duhaney provides pieces that scream originality. But here’s the catch: original pieces come at a high price. Although Duhaney sells many items that are quite reasonable, be ready to spend more than $100 on a rare find.

So go ahead—throw it back to the good ol’ days of boybands and splurge on that old school *NSYNC shirt. Show JT how much you still love him.

A sampling of Sqonder’s vintage gems


1130 S. Casino Center Blvd., Mon.-Sat. 12-7 p.m. and Sun from 12-5 p.m, Instagram: @sqonder.

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