Five Sweet Treats to Eat at Life Is Beautiful

Treat yo self!

In between listening to some great music and meeting even greater people, you’ll need something to cool you down during the three-day Life Is Beautiful festival. This year, the culinary arm of the fest is bringing in at least five new ice cream vendors to help you chill through the weekend.

It’s time for ice cream. Courtesy of Recess

Rolled Ice Cream

When Rolled Ice Cream first opened, people lost their minds over it. Something about ice cream not looking like scoops was, and still is, the wildest thing. Rolled Ice Cream’s signature creations and fruit concoctions bring some unlikely but delicious combos, the “Jolly Rancher” being just one example—it’s a rolled mix of Jolly Ranchers and whipped cream.

Recess Italian Ice Desserts

This ice cream crew brings it back to elementary school with childhood candy flavors reincarnated as italian ice and custard. Think Capri Sun, Reese’s, Scout Cookie and Snickers in Italian ice form. It’s a nostalgic throwback for your taste buds.

A honey cone dessert. Courtesy of Hawaiian honey cone

Hawaiian Honey Cones

This is one of the more interesting things in the world of ice cream—a 12-inch ice cream cone shaped like a J. It was seen on the show floor at Consumer Electronics Show in 2017. Hawaiian Honey Cones are made out of 100 percent organic corn cane. They’re gluten-free and are much healthier than traditional sugar cones.


Out of the other ice cream vendors coming to Life Is Beautiful, Coolhaus is probably the most traditional. The classic scoops and ice cream sandwiches have a unique twist with flavors such as fried chicken and waffles, goat’s milk caramel mascarpone rosemary and Aunt Gladys’ Fruit Cake.

Tasty, cold treats. Courtesy of Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream

Afters Ice Cream combines two dessert favorites, ice cream and doughnuts. Traditional and signature ice cream flavors such as jasmine milk tea, Vietnamese coffee or almond cookie are sealed within in its warm “Milky Bun.” True food adventurers can even add some cereal if they want.

Vegas Seven