One-Way Ticket to Main Street

Main Street rendering courtesy of the City of Las Vegas

Road construction seems to be a slow process, but the recent conversion of Main Street into a one-way thoroughfare shows progress. As of September 5, traffic on Main now flows northbound between Las Vegas Boulevard and Gass Avenue. It’s just one check mark off the list of changes coming to the area.

“The complete street improvements, which include landscaping, wide sidewalks, improved lighting, green bike lanes and narrower crosswalk distances, will provide safety benefits to pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers,” says the City’s senior public information officer, Jace Radke. “Statistically, complete street improvements have resulted in a decrease in commercial vacancy and the increase in property values.”

Upon completion of the project in late summer 2018, Main and Commerce streets will form a one-way couplet between Las Vegas Boulevard and Bonneville Avenue, with traffic flowing southbound on Commerce Street. In the meantime, all businesses will remain accessible.

Here are a few other traffic and construction updates to be aware of if you plan on grabbing a brew at ReBar or cold brew at Makers.

  •  The block of Main Street between Garces and Bonneville avenues will have two-way traffic permanently.
  •  Commerce Street remains one-way southbound only from Main Street to Oakey. This is a permanent change, not just during construction.
  • Charleston Avenue eastbound and westbound traffic will have access to Commerce south of Charleston and to Main Street north of Charleston.
  • Construction along Main Street continues on the west side of the street, so traffic will be restricted to the east side until early 2018. Then, construction will be shifted to the east side and traffic will be on the west side until project completion in late summer 2018.
  • Construction along Commerce is complete north of Charleston
  • South of Charleston, construction on Commerce will continue until late October 2017.  


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