Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Third Time’s a Charm with Three Sheets

After two other concepts fell through, a craft beer bar moves into the 1115 South Casino Center space

Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t brew, tap other people’s beers. That’s what the Bay Area’s Three Sheets craft beer bar owners Stefanie Jackel and Wendy Rather did when they opened their first concept in 2014 in California. Now, they’re bringing their second location to the Arts District at 1115 South Casino Center Blvd.

Jackel, who worked in the alcohol sales and marketing industry for 15 years prior to opening Three Sheets in Dublin, California, said she tried home brewing but wasn’t that great at it. So she and Rather figured out another way to combine their knowledge and love of beer: by pouring taps from breweries out of California and the Pacific Northwest such as Ballast Point, Stone Brewing, Lagunitas and Mother Earth.

The Las Vegas Three Sheets, which was named as a nod to a location they originally scouted at an old naval base as well as the old expression “three sheets to the wind,” will have 24 rotating taps and also highlight local brews. Jackel decided to open their second location Downtown because she often traveled to Las Vegas to visit family and has seen the growth of the craft beer scene in the area. “We are some of the few [from the Bay Area] who are excited to see the Raiders move to Vegas,” Jackel says.

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

They are still in construction but the two-story, 2,000-square-foot space, which includes two outdoor patios on the top and bottom floors, will have rustic metal and steel accents, along with a blue and gray color scheme and tile floor. The total number of seating is currently undetermined.

“It’s the coolest garage you’d ever want to hang out at with your friends,” Jackel says.

Jackel and Rather also got permission from the city to utilize the entire 2,500-square-foot courtyard, which will be used as a beer garden and a place for cornhole and other games that only require one hand. There will be TVs to watch games, though Three Sheets is not a sports bar. For food, they plan on partnering with nearby restaurants and working with local food trucks, as well as allowing people to bring their own bites as well. Hours of operation have not been set yet.

This will be the third concept that was announced for this location. While the last two (the speakeasy-style Hawthorne bar and Wowie Tacos taqueria) fell through, Jackel assures the community that they will be opening, hopefully in early 2018. And they plan on fully embracing their location in the Arts District.

“We want to connect with artistic minds, maybe on a mural, and see what can we do to combine that with the great beer we’re bringing in so [Three Sheets] has a sense of place,” she says.

Stay posted on their progress at @threesheetsbeerlv on Instagram and

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