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The Neon Muse Has a Bright Personality

Light up the night—and raise money for local causes—with the apparel company’s neon jackets

If you want to stand out in a crowd, you want to do it right. The Neon Muse helps you do just that, combining fashion with the neon lighting that has become synonymous with Las Vegas to create innovative clothing.

Katarina Simic, the founder and CEO of the Downtown Las Vegas–based company, wanted to create something that represented the city. Her jackets are fitted with neon lights that form chic patterns or spell out fun sayings on the back.

“Living Downtown, being surrounded by neon lights, really inspired me,” Simic says. “[The jackets’ imagery] is a play on familiar designs like the flamingo or the cactus, but with a twist.”

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The idea for the bright designs came from the need to be illuminated at festivals—making it easier to find friends in the crowds. It also gives local businesses, such as floral-design studio Miss Daisy, a fun way to advertise their brand. “It’s really noticeable,” Simic says. “People are telling me how strange it is to be the center of attention.”

Head turns aren’t only cool thing about these wearable pieces of art. A portion of all jacket sales goes to a local or international charity. Simic notes that she tries to make the neon designs match the charities; the Springs Preserve jacket has a cactus on it, for example. Recently, Simic came out with a “Vegas Strong” line, for which 100 percent of the net proceeds go directly to the victims’ funds.

“Vegas is our home and we were deeply affected by [the shootings]. … We live just down the street from where it happened,” Simic says. “I wanted to make a symbol that we’re not afraid, that we can go to concerts and be seen.”

The “Vegas Strong” jackets can be bought online for around $275. And for those interested in seeing The Neon Muse up close and personal, the company will hold a pop-up event on January 19 from 4 to 7 p.m. at Miss Daisy (3710 W. Desert Inn Rd., Simic also has a showroom for those looking to get fitted for a jacket.

To shop The Neon Muse’s designs or to create your own, visit

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