In the wake of a violent attack, hundreds gathered to dedicate a healing garden for the victims. Photo by Cierra Pedro

DTLV’s Most-Read Stories of 2017

The New Year is the perfect time to look back. Here’s what was most interesting about Downtown in 2017

In 2017, we ate, we drank, we met trailblazers bringing new housing to Downtown and former playmates launching decked-out Airbnbs. We learned about the homeless community and together we found ways to heal after 1 October. We played with Meow Wolf in their interactive installation for Life Is Beautiful and met artists who are keeping Vegas’ neon signature burning. Here are the three most popular stories in News, Dining, People and Arts and Entertainment this year, along with a few reads worth revisiting.


A (Healing) Garden Grows in Las Vegas
The aftermath of the Route 91 attack left many Las Vegans feeling powerless. But downtowners quickly came together to build a healing garden in less than 24 hours, proving how much  community we really have.

What I’ve Learned in 20 Years of Writing About the Homeless in Las Vegas
DTLV contributing editor Matthew O’Brien has been covering homelessness in Las Vegas since he started out as a freelancer in ‘97. He takes a look back at all he learned in his 20-plus years reporting on the homeless community.  

Downtown Project’s Economic Impact
Many credit Downtown Project for spurring development in the area. In April, they released a report on the aftereffects of their $350 million dollar investment in the city.

Photos by Krystal Ramirez

Dining and Drinking

Feeling Groovy: Corduroy Comes to Fremont East
The anticipation of the rock ‘n’ roll  bar, which filled the last vacancy on Fremont between Las Vegas Boulevard and Sixth Street, was the most-read story of the year. Apparently, you all are a bunch of lushes.

How Las Vegans Dined in the 1950s
It’s no surprise our readers love Las Vegas throwback stories. Our history is what gives the city its appeal. Here, historian Su Kim Chung takes a look back at old menus from the 1950s. Filet mignon for $4? Not bad.

Downtown’s Best Kept Secret
I suppose we should change the headline seeing as the secret’s out. Bob Barnes takes a look inside the speakeasy-style bar within a bar at the Laundry Room.


Downtown’s New Developer
One of the biggest criticisms of Downtown is its need for residential buildings. Chris Gonya is filling that need in style with his hip bungalow-style spaces at The Pioneer, the Double D and The Desert Cactus, along with his in-progress development, The Benjamin.

Sleep In Claire’s Bed
We’re assuming this article received a lot of clicks due to the sexy photo of former playmate Claire Sinclair, who opened up a kitschy Airbnb with themed rooms right here in Downtown.

Growing Up With Gangsters: Meet Jen Bell
This third-generation Las Vegan grew up sitting on American thug Moe Dalitz’s lap, then later worked for Frank Rosenthal, the man responsible for bringing sports betting to Vegas. Now she’s the director of gaming development at The D.

Jeff Anthony


Bring Your Imagination to Life Is Beautiful’s Art Motel
The Santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf, known for their funky interactive exhibits, took over the abandoned motel on Seventh Street. And clearly, our readers wanted to get a peek into what was in store.

Keeping the Neon Burning
As LEDs are rapidly replacing the noble gas burning bulbs, there are a few Downtowners who are keeping neon alive in unexpected ways.

Gorillaz Announce Life Is Beautiful Festival Date
One of the biggest bombshells dropped about the 2017 Life Is Beautiful lineup was when the Gorillaz announced their U.S. tour. Clearly, you were just as excited as we were.

Focaccia bread yumm! |Photo courtesy of Bread for the People

Staff Picks

The good things in life don’t always go viral. Here are a few of our favorite stories that you might have missed.

History in a Bottle: The Evolution of Atomic Liquors
Many bars on Fremont Street come and go, but Atomic was built to last. From locals climbing onto the rooftop to watch atomic bomb tests in the 50s to becoming arguably the most popular local’s spots in the ‘hood, we look back at how our beloved bar came to be.

Making Dough Downtown: A Bread Dealer’s Story
When Madeline Rubidoux pulls up with a stash, you know you’re getting the good stuff. The bread baker’s organic, non-GMO, vegan goods have garnered a cult following and can be found at local businesses Downtown.

The Paranormal Life of Jojo Jilbert
The Downtown sculpture artist builds impressive, intricate pieces from scrap metal, but he says something else is driving his creations.

Inside the Mind of a Bicycle Thief
Having been had himself, DTLV contributing editor Matthew O’Brien sat down with “Joe,” a veteran bike booster, to find out why people steal bikes, what they do with them and how they justify their actions.

Where’s Your Head At?
A week after the violent attack at the Route 91 music festival, the community was still crippled. One of the first large public gatherings after the event was the dedication ceremony for the healing garden. We attended with camera and notepad in hand, asking people what was going on in their hearts and minds.

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