Local Magic Show Celebrates 5 Years on Fremont

Laughternoon is a good time for the family

Enter the Showroom at The D Las Vegas and you’ll see comedian and magician Adam London in an oversized suit jacket and his signature yellow rubber ducky print tie greeting each attendee. He works hard to make guests feel like a part of the family at his afternoon show, Laughternoon.

On this day, January 17, guests were greeted with ice cream and cupcake cake to celebrate London’s five year anniversary at the Downtown hotel. Cheesy jokes and silly videos flash across the screens as a warm up. Once London takes the stage, his quick fingers go into action with his manipulation of everyday items he pulls from his suit jacket of wonder as well as from audience members. Not only is the show intended to mystify, but you’re sure to snicker at London’s gag-tricks, clever wit and having fun with audience members.

Oh, and the ducks! The self-proclaimed lover of rubber ducks said in a statement that this anniversary show, and those to come, include, “a new ending and three new effects that are twists on classic magic tricks.”   

Beyond the jokes and tricks at Laughternoon, London is launching the “I give a duck charity of the month.” The second Saturday of every month all proceeds from tickets and merchandise sales will go toward a local charity. The anniversary show sponsored the Nevada Blind Charity Foundation. Guests are also encouraged to donate.

Adam London’s Laughternoon at The D, daily at 4 p.m., $24.95, thed.eventperformances

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