Learning With the Stars: Astronomy in the Neon Boneyard

Check out the historic neon signs of Las Vegas and stargaze with experts at this one-night only event

A typical night of stargazing is usually a challenge in Las Vegas given the light pollution emitted from the Strip. However, with the right tools and mindset, catching a glimpse into space is possible from any vantage point. And what better place to look at the stars than in the company of restored neon signs?

On Saturday, January 27, the relics that once lit up Old Vegas will converge with the cosmic polka dots of space during “Stars and Stardust: Sidewalk Astronomy in the Neon Boneyard.”

Hosted by The Neon Museum in partnership with the Las Vegas Astronomical Society and the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium, it is dedicated to teaching families and space enthusiasts about rudimentary astronomy along with information about the Neon Boneyard’s history. From 6 to 9 p.m., children and adults can stargaze through telescopes and participate in a variety of educational events. Set to the backdrop of the hulking neon signs of a bygone era, visitors can create space-themed artwork and embark on a solar system scavenger hunt. So if you want to get your Neil DeGrasse Tyson on, get Downtown to watch the sky while next to your favorite signs—Stardust Casino, anyone?—and remember, just like catching a meteor shower, this is a once-a-year opportunity.

Access to the Neon Boneyard is available only through guided tours hosted by the Neon Museum throughout the rest of the year. But with the help of astronomy experts, attendees can enrich their knowledge of space and visit the Neon Boneyard for free.

“Stars and Stardust: Sidewalk Astronomy in the Neon Boneyard,” January 27, 6–9 p.m., free, neonmuseum.org

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