Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Play CSI and Take Down Bad Guys in The Mob Museum’s New Interactive Attractions

The Mob Museum celebrated its sixth anniversary on February 14. As part of the celebration, they’re adding several new exhibits to the museum, continuing the organization’s focus on interactive attractions that allow visitors to have a hands-on experience.

The Organized Crime Today exhibition is focused on a giant, interactive touchscreen wall—imagine something you’d find in a high-tech, highly secret crime fighting organization. Tap a topic and/or a region and it will pop up with photos, maps, a video and other information explaining who El Chapo is or what Interpol does. The museum’s senior director of content, Geoff Schumacher, points out how the display shows guests that “crime networks and technology have turned organized crime into a global issue; it’s not just in neighborhoods.”

Photos by Krystal Ramirez

It’s a fine preparation for the Mob Museum’s Crime Lab Experience, a sleek white room where you get to play CSI. Start out with a virtual autopsy, during which you use physical clues to determine cause of death, then move on to scan your fingerprint and analyze its type: arch, loop or whorl. Other stations allow you to closely examine physical clues with a magnifier, as well as match DNA samples and bullet casings.

The last of the new exhibits is the Use of Force Training Experience, which lets museum guests explore how officers use—or do not use—lethal force. First, you practice a little target shooting, then you move into interactive videos. But it’s not just about shooting: participants attempt to de-escalate the situation before using their firearm. You interact with videos of a crazy drunk in a casino and a home invasion robbery that adapt to your actions. Finally, there’s two run-throughs with a live actor who may or may not have a gun or a knife and may or may not use it. “This is one of the most significant topics in America today,” Schumacher says. “We wanted to combine the training experience with an exhibit that delves into the details of the issue.”

The Mob Museum has more plans for their anniversary: on April 20, they will open The Underground, a Prohibition exhibit with artifacts, interactives and, yes, a speakeasy. After all, you can’t celebrate without raising a glass.

Photos by Krystal Ramirez

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