Get Your Grub on at Urban Foodcourt

A new, permanent food truck meetup hopes to feed the Arts District, day and night

Picture this: You and a group of friends spent the night dancing and drinking Downtown and now all you need is food. But where do you go when everyone wants something different?

Urban Foodcourt, a new food truck meetup at 1311 S. Main St. in the Arts District, is set to open on May 5, solving all of your where-should-we-eat dilemmas. Inspired by food truck meetups in San Francisco and Portland, Urban Foodcourt will feature up to 10 food trucks seven days a week, potentially 24 hours a day based on customer demand.

“[Urban Foodcourt] is going to bring a positive energy, not only with commerce but with bodies, people moving around doing things,” says Loren Qualls, community manager of the Las Vegas Urban Foodcourt. “It will revitalize the area.”

Qualls hopes that Urban Foodcourt will be another step in making Downtown Las Vegas more inviting for locals and tourists alike. With a constantly rotating and versatile lineup, Urban Foodcourt will have at least one truck to satisfy your craving of the day. On opening night, there will be 10 trucks ranging from sweet treats to Thai food, including The Spice is Right and Grand Slam Custard.

As Urban Foodcourt gets running, Qualls says there will be an online delivery service set up with Doordash for surrounding business to order lunch from any of the trucks on site that day. Daily truck lineups and menus will be posted on their website.

Paul Murad, president of Metroplex Realty Group, which owns the property where Urban Foodcourt will be housed, says it could help transform that particular corner of the neighborhood. Murad says the site, an empty lot, has sat vacant for nearly six years, becoming a camp for homeless.

“Urban Foodcourt is the first to bring activity and people to this block,” says Murad. “It is going to bring a little glimmer of light and good activity to the area.”

Councilman Bob Coffin and other city representatives will be in attendance on May 5 to cut the ribbon, signifying the opening of Urban Foodcourt at 5 p.m. Qualls says there will be live music to keep the party going all night long.

May 5, 5 p.m., 1311 S. Main St. (corner of Main Street and Colorado Avenue),

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