Virtual Gallery Hop: April 2016

There’s a lot to love this April. Temperatures are peaking into the 80s, Game of Thrones is almost back and creativity is a’flowing through a talented roster of artists. Here’s a look at what you can expect this First Friday:

What’s happening

This month, Corner Gallery literally unleashes the power of the pen. Like, that’s the show name: Literally. Writings, poetry, letters and imagery will canvas the gallery. But it doesn’t stop there. Corner Gallery’s hosting a series of events all month long. There will be readings from published authors, open mic nights and wine. What more could you ask for? And don’t be afraid to read your own work. No matter how weird the plot of aliens in the Sahara Desert with a car salesman might sound. We’d buy it.

Our friends Joel Spencer and Nova May over at 222 Space are embracing change with their new installation Metamorphosis. We’re not positive what the installation will completely entail, but May says it explores “human drive global change.” Hmm …

Jana’s Red Room has a huge lineup this month for its 3rd Annual Elite Artists Exhibition. More than 20 artists will participate, putting this in line with Spectral Gallery’s large group show Superstition, which you can see below.  

Wonderland Gallery is featuring the work of figurative abstract painter Mannie Rubio. Rubio’s pieces go straight for the jugular. “I want to make paintings that force you to feel the way I feel, and I want it to make you learn …” he said in a statement on Wonderland’s Facebook page, “… I want to make paintings that I feel. I want them to be painful, and I want it to make my heart hurt.” Phew. Wonderland’s second guest artist is Mowgli Art, a spray painting stenciler with a passion for street art. Gallery regulars such as Lynne Adamson Adrian and Kat Tatz will also make appearances.

What’s showing

Photos 1-10 (in order): Superstition by Spectral Gallery. “Alls Well” by Albert F. Montoya, “Wishbone” by Ashleigh Popplewell, “Untitled” by Chris Rosdahl, “Foo the Protector” by Dasha Biggs, “A Bird in the Home” by Jska Priebe, “Luck Ran Out” by Mike Biggs, “Virtue” by Richard Bristrup, “Black Cat” by Roxy B. Montoya, “Trust In Me” by Noel Terracina, “Superstition” by Yobi Graciano.

Note: Spectral will also be selling art through its website:

Photos: 11-12: Metamorphosis by Joel Spencer and Nova May at 222 Space.

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