Life Is Beautiful

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Photo Recall

The Calm Before the Beautiful Storm

Life Is Beautiful production coordinator Adam Christopher Smith shares one of his favorite moments leading up to the festival.

Life is Beautiful

Brittany Rose Is the Homegirl on the Rise

By Camille Cannon

The R&B singer is making the most of her Life Is Beautiful success.

Photo Recall

Up Close and Heavy

Festival photographer Joe Tholt captures and an intimate shot of the British rock band The Heavy.


A Beautiful Movement: The Gathering for Justice

By Evelyn Sabino

Life Is Beautiful celebrates people and organizations around the world that are catalyzing change and making the world a better place.

Photo Recall

Major (Lazer) Moment

Photographer Quinsey Sablan shares one of his favorite photos from Life Is Beautiful 2016.

Photo Recall

Everything’s Illuminated

Festival photographer Jashua Peter Grafstein shares one of his favorite moments during the Lumineers set at Life Is Beautiful 2016.

Neighborhood Guide

Fremont Arcade is a Literally Hidden Gem

By Jasmina Salas

Tucked away inside Neonopolis, pinball, air hockey and giant Pac-Man await.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Six Life Is Beautiful Alums Who’ve Since Hit It Big

By Camille Cannon

The music and arts festival has been something of a stepping stone for many acts.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Super Humanz

By Zoneil Maharaj

Damon Albarn, who co-created Gorillaz with artist Jamie Hewlett, on how the new record came together, why he loves collaborating and what he’d be listening to if the world were to end.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Albums on the Way

By Zoneil Maharaj

While many of the acts on the 2017 Life Is Beautiful Music & Art Festival lineup have released new albums, there are some who haven’t had much output as of late. We did some digging to see what’s in the works.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Mark Ryden Brings His Peculiar Surrealism to ‘Crime on Canvas’

By Kristen Peterson

The godfather of the lowbrow on his commitment to playfulness, and works derivative of his style.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Behind the Scenes at the Life Is Beautiful Lineup Announcement Film Shoot

By Mark Adams

The festival started its tradition of sharing the lineup via video in 2013, and this is the fourth video Critical Focus has helmed.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

Comics Grab the Mic For a Second Year

By Una LaMarche

Organizers have painstakingly selected eight established and emerging comics from across the country—as well as a special group of homegrown talents—who are poised on the brink of mainstream success.

Life Is Beautiful 2017

The Science Guy Cometh

By Lissa Townsend Rodgers

Las Vegas’ March for Science saw many fans of Bill Nye, who returns to the festival to headline the Ideas program

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