Prose and Poetry

  • Prose and Poetry

    Hot Vegas Nights

    By Krista Diamond

    "The city had a fever. Even after midnight, the streets were on fire."

  • Prose and Poetry

    Lights Out

    By Chris Cipollini

    An ode to Vegas Vickie.

  • Prose and Poetry


    By Jarret Keene

    In a desert valley relentlessly blasted by a giant blow dryer set to kill, Greg roamed downtown Las Vegas during the deadly month of July, scouring the Fremont District in search of a hooker named Popsicle.

  • Prose and Poetry

    Dreaming of Japanese Gardens

    By Lindsay Berg

    Poet Lindsay Berg creates a whimsical, microscopic wilderness from Downtown coffee shops.

  • Prose and Poetry


    By Matthew O'Brien

    DTLV resident Matthew O’Brien, who stayed at the Blue Angel motel in 2009 and wrote a collection of nonfiction stories titled "My Week at the Blue Angel," responded to the news of the Downtown beacon's restoration in a prose poem.

  • Prose and Poetry

    Heightened Attention

    By Frank Johnson

    An emerging poet from Las Vegas, Frank Johnson braids his hip-hop cultural roots into the landscape of his poetry, which explores the impossibility of defining oneself or one’s location in a place of transience.